• To build community with other families on a similar life learning path.
  • To have fun.
  • To support and inspire each other.

These weekends are co-created by the people who come.  You are invited to actively be part of making the gathering what it will be. 

The Kai : simple but sweet.

  • To support our intention we share food together.
  • Bring your own breakfast and lunch. Some choose to share their lunch with other families and others have their food at different times or separately. Finding solutions that work for your family is encouraged and celebrated.
  • Dinners Friday and Saturday night will be pot-luck. Often a local family offers to cook the Friday night meal for everyone. This is optional and a koha [a donation or contribution] is asked to cover the expenses for the gift that is given.
  • In thoughtfulness to those who have allergies or/and are vegetarian/vegan, please try to label your meal on serving.
  • Desserts optional but always welcome ;)

 Sleeping arrangements:

  • We intentionally do not assign bunkrooms as we trust families will organize their own spaces.  Be mindful of your own needs and those of others as we sort the bunkrooms on the Friday afternoon. If a problem arises, tell others so that a solution can be found.
  • There are 8 cabins (6 bunks in the front half, 6 in the back).  We close registration for camp before the bunks are all full for ease and space.
  • Some families choose to bring double air mattresses so that they can co-sleep comfortably...however this is possibly a very cold option for the winter gathering.
  • For the colder months make sure to bring plenty of warmies to sleep in and hotties if possible, as the bunkrooms are not particularly warm.


  • $13 per person (under 5s free) per night. This can be paid before the camp over the internet or by cash at the gathering.
  • For whanau coming for the day and not staying nights a koha is appreciated.
  • If this feels uncomfortably difficult for any family please contact us and we can find a solution.