...and there you have it, one little word, one big meaning: Respect.  It sums up the entire camp philosophy.  Whatever the label you choose, if any; unschooler, life learner, conscious parenting, it is all derived from the same one thing: respect.

We tend to be a thoughtful bunch, us Home Educators, how else would we have ended up on this journey!  Some of us have arrived at this way of living after much thought, some of us are still arriving, some will not even be home educating yet. Some apply this way of living just to their educational journey some to their life journey.

Let us celebrate our differences and enjoy our similarities.  Each person needs to be free to express their views and philosophies, and allow others the same freedom.  In order to achieve this we all need just one thing; Respect. 

We hope you can bring yours in plentiful supply.