Co-creation & Activities

Note from Eve: 

Kia ora everyone! 
As most of you are aware, Tribe is a co-created event. This means, with your contribution the camp could be an environment rich in experience and connection!

• Do you or someone from your whanau have a skill, talent or interest that could be shared with others?
• Now is the time to let the tribe know, so you, and those interested can be prepared.
Contact via email, or just bring your ideas to camp.

Discussion topics:
• There will be opportunities for you to contribute ideas for discussion topics.
• Discussion times posted to programme.

• There will be an interactive camp programme set up on the wall by the kitchen.
• This is where activities or discussion ideas can be added or rearranged to timeslots.

Market place:
• Sunday morning 10am – 12pm
• All family members welcome to contribute.
• Anything goes: arts, crafts, pre-loved goods, food, plants, services, etc.

Family concert:
• Extravaganza of family talent!
• Sunday evening in the hall

The sharing circle is an opportunity to come together, share and listen about our unschooling lives. We may find common issues or interesting ideas that can be taken further in discussion groups.

Remember to bring some $$ for the market and other activities.

The purpose of our time together is to share our skills with one another and build relationships.  Therefore the camp is created by everyone sharing their skills as much, or as little, as they feel comfortable.  People are able to join in if and when they choose to.  

At other camps there has been activities such as book binding, fletching, flax weaving, candle making, yoga, skipping, wild food discussions, insect discoveries, wacky science, paper crafts, coffee connoisseurs, whittling, recipe swaps, tie dying, felting, print making, music/concerts, women's circles, men's circles, walks, cricket, volleyball, swimming, playing, and much more.    

Prior to camp, the people coming offer to take an activity then a 'loose and flexible' timetable will be created that guides the time together.  If there is sufficient interest in the activity it is run by the person who wishes to take it on the day with no pressure and loads of support. It can be as grand or as simple as they wish to make it.

Additional to the activities there are discussion sessions where a pre-determined topic is discussed.  These can run simultaneous to activities.  These provide a chance for in-depth discussion in a group and small groups to allow debate, questions, support and information to be shared.  Topics range from world wide issues, to personal struggles and celebrations.  The topics are generated by those who attend. 

A opening/welcome circle is held at the start of camp to allow introductions and/or mihi by all the families attending.  Additionally a closing/farewell circle is held at the end of camp to share our final goodbyes, the highlights and any further intentions.