What to bring

There are bunkrooms that have bunk beds with mattresses.  You will need bedding and pillows. Lots of blankets/layers in winter!

Please feel free to bring equipment/activities that you would like to engage in while at camp i.e sports equipment, art activities, board games, books, resources, etc.

Please bring at least 2 rolls of toilet paper, and 1 rubbish bag.  We are required to take all our rubbish away with us.

You will also need eating utensils, plates, cups and tea towels.

Other things that have been needed/suggested: tin opener, oven mitts, dishwashing liquid, torch/lamp, ear plugs, heaters (April-September), extension cord, multi-plug box.

On departure the camp site requires cleaning by those that attend. This is done on the Sunday prior to departure with everyone pitching in.