Camp Activities

Hi Campers

Any activities you want to bring to Eltham Camp let me know and we shall schedule it in:  Penny @


What's Happening?

Thursday: Camp opens at 12pm - arrive well before dinner at 5.30pm. Our Opening Circle will be at 7pm, followed by a late night visit to Lake Rotokare for those who are interested.

Friday: We will have a Morning Circle at 10am, followed by a Virtues Session hosted by Angevahn - please visit for more information. After lunch the waterslide will be running, and there will be a Men’s Circle. Shared dinner is at 5.30pm, followed by a Bonfire down by the river (plus a singalong for those who are keen!)

Saturday: We will have our Morning Circle at 10am again, followed by our famous camp Morning Market. Bring anything you or your kids want to sell (no juicies please) - eg. arts and crafts, baking, and secondhand books, clothes and toys from home. After lunch the waterslide will be running again, and there will be a Women’s Circle.
At 4pm we are having a Kids Concert - families, prepare your items! Magic tricks, singing, dancing, skits… anything goes. Dinner will be at 5.30pm again, followed by a Dress Up Disco - bring your fancy dress outfits and your dancing shoes. Younger kids may need some ear protection.

Sunday: Our Closing Circle will be at 10am. The kitchen needs to be emptied of all food before this starts. Clean up will be straight after the circle, and camp will be over rover at 12pm. Phew!


The Red Room

The Red Room will be set up in the lounge next to the main hall (it will be too cold for a Tent). We ask that you talk to those in your family about respecting this space for the purposes for which it is set out for. All are encouraged and welcome to view the room so you can see it set up, but then please allow it to be utilised in the way it is intended. Thank you.

So what is a Red Room? Here’s an overview:
  • A place that offers women a state of beingness rather than in our continual doing mode.

  • A place to incubate, dream, slow down, and not have an agenda or plan. (Simultaneously much is waiting for us in this not knowing place, but we need to make time for the stillness).

  • Space where we can share stories, struggles, laughter, songs, food, and we drink delicious and nourishing teas for our bellies. It is a place for us to come alive.

  • A place to honour our unique cycles that we may experience each month and a place to witness important transitional stages. The space is open and welcomes gender diverse people.

  • Space where we can journal, rest, receive or give energy, work, draw, read, share or listen to women’s wisdom in the stories we share.

  • A place for our elders, through to our young women. Girls are also welcomed to either; just view the space, or enter respectfully.... in order to come to know the rite of passage one day they will pass through, to become a part of the wise women who are gathering to share support and wisdom on our womanhood journeys.

Inside the Red Room we give ourselves time to remember who we are at our very core. Come into the Red Room and stop for a breath in the quiet and/or sometimes celebratory company of wonderful others.

We will have other activities happening as well: volleyball, viking sword fighting, yoga, slackline, arts and crafts, kefir making, and the Red Tent (Red Room) will be set up indoors again this year.

Please bring any other ideas for activities. All welcome :)