It is the intention of these camps to include all families in our co-created space.  If your family has allergies to deal with then we encourage you to communicate your specific needs and suggest solutions so that we can all create the supported environment you need in order to feel safe.  

The kitchen space has room to set aside seperate space for food preperation/storage.  Please take the inititive to create signs to pin up/label food etc, and communicate these specific needs at the welcome circle etc.  Please let the co-ordinators know if you need extra support to share your needs at the circle.


  • To support our intention of community building we will share food together.
  • Bring your own breakfast and lunch. Some may choose to share their lunch with other families and others have their food at different times or separately. Finding solutions that work for your family is encouraged and celebrated.
  • Dinners Saturday-Tues night will be shared (again, if you prefer to have yours at a different time or separately - no problem).
  • In thoughtfulness to those who have allergies or/and are vegetarian/vegan, please try to label your meal on serving.
  • Desserts optional but always welcome. 
  • We will aim to have food on the table by 5:30ish to meet the needs of our little people.
  • We will have a roster system for meal prep and dishes to minimise kitchen chaos! - please add your name to the roster at camp where you feel comfortable..
  • On arrival at camp can you please put your food contributions in the allocated 'baskets' so that the rostered 'meal preparers' are able to find it easily.
  • The meal menu has been planned to provide as much vairety and choice as possible for all dietry requirements.

Breakfast and Lunch are self cater.

Please contribute at least four of the ingredients for each evening from the following lists, (enough to feed your family).
At camp, if you are able, please be sure to choose one evening meal and add yourself the prep team list on the kitchen wall. Many hands makes nourishing kai!

MENU FOR CAMP from 2017.  2018 is likely to be similar - we will update soon.

Friday - self catered / shared meal 

Bring: Pre prepared and labelled please


Saturday - tortillas / nachos / salads ( including vegetarian ) Plus desert fruit crumble and custard

Bring: Tortilla wraps including gf, mince, onion, veggies, salad ingredients , cheese, fruit, oats ,flour ( incl gf ) sugar ,butter, milks including dairy free


Sunday - burgers and salads

Bring: Burger buns ( including gf ) chickpeas (for gf patties)
mince , onions , cheese salad ingredients


Monday - fritata (bacon and vegetarian ) plus salads

Bring: eggs , onions, bacon, cheese, veggies plus salad ingreds