Greetings all


Please be aware one of our fellow campers is allergic to peanuts, she has an anaphylaxis reaction. She reacts with just coming into contact, like on other’s hands. An epi-pen is on hand with her mum. To support this member of our camp to remain safe we are asking all campers to PLEASE LEAVE ALL PEANUT PRODUCTS AT HOME, this includes oils, muesli bars cereals and peanut butter(other nuts are fine). Thanks.

This year we are focusing on being as low waste as possible. We will purchase meat and bulk pantry supplies for our shared evening meals (included in the daily price) and we ask you to only bring seasonal vegetables to add to that. Breakfast and lunch is self catered.

Evening meals are communal meals.  However you are equally able to self cater if you prefer.

For communal meals please add your contribution of food to the dinner food baskets in the kitchen when you arrive. This helps those that are making the dinners, know what they have to work with. 

A roster at camp will be available for you to please add one family members name to it, for one meal to assist with prep and/or clean up.

More information about activities, food, what to bring and everything else you need to know will be emailed out closer to the time.


To be advised.