Additional Info


This is a new venue, so let’s be extra vigilant with our kids and make sure they know the boundaries. A map will be available to look at when you register. Along the driveway edge is a particularly important spot to be aware of, with a steep drop off down to the river beyond the bushes along the edge i.e. if kids chase a ball off the track.


The bottom paddock and river area is separated from the rest of the camp by a fence and stile. We ask that you be aware of when your children go over the fence, and that at least one adult is present down the hill when children are there.


Family Duties

A signup sheet will be available when you register. Please put your family down for a camp duty, eg. meal prep or dishes for one night. This year we want to encourage kids to participate as well, rather than just adults.



Co-creation means that we organise and run the camp collectively. This encourages

trust, openness, flexibility, ease and self-responsibility. We value the contribution (seen and unseen) of all who choose to come to share in the weekend.

Shared Understandings


We will respect ourselves, each other and the environment.

  • We regard the Opening and Closing Circles (meeting together in a circle-ish formation, taking turns to talk) and Morning Circles as important elements in the weekend.

  • This retreat is specifically for those that are currently unschooling/life learning or intending on doing so.


Please read the attached pdf and familiarise yourselves with the full list of Shared Understandings before camp.

Safety at Camp

Every child has the right to be safe from emotional and physical harm, and every child has the right to be safe from sexual abuse. We have a comprehensive policy around this. Please read the attached Safety and Sexual Abuse Prevention pdf attached to this email.

Facebook Event

There is a Facebook event page available which you may find useful for connecting with others who are coming to camp - please visit