The Great Magnificent Unschooling Reading List

Here is a list of books discussed at the previous camp.  Also find the pdf version below that you can save and print.

1. Jan Fortune, Winning Parent, Winning Child – Practical guide to consensual family life, whole life

2. Mary Griffith, The Unschoolers Handbook: How to use the whole world as your child’s classroom

3. The Unschooling Unmanual – available on the The Natural Child Project (multiple authors)

4. Alan Thomas & Harriet Patterson, How Children Learn at Home – researchers share their findings
from 100 home-schooled families, including 30 unschooling families.

5. Peter Gray, Freeedom to Learn and Natural Born Learners – about the education system and
alternatives – so good!

Books mentioned during the Connection Parenting talk, by Trudy:
1. Pam Leo, Connection Parenting

2. Melody Beattie, Co-dependent No More (really prevalent in our world & I think a result of
disconnection & results in permissive parenting)
This book is aimed at the families affected by addiction, so if you read it, you'll need to wade
through a lot of writing about that. The benefit, I think, is in the link that addiction is an attempt
to create a connection or numb the lack of connection. So, a lot of behaviours related to
addiction are related to a broken connection. There's also a TED Talk about

3. Jean Liedloff , The Continuum Concept,

4. Ted Talks by Brene Brown and pretty
much all of her books.

5. Pam Laricchia, Life through the Lens of Unschooling,
 Other books about “Lens” stuff
 Blog at
 Her blog also has transcripts & recordings of the Toronto Unschooling Conference (TUC)
Talks. Highly Recommended Anne Ohmen’s “Joy, Celebration, Trust”

6. A S Neill, Summerhill and Freedom not Licence

7. There's also a comprehensive book list on my friend's website:
(this is the friend that urged me to read Connection