7  October 2016

Last email!

Mila is keen to offer a workshop on friendship bracelets. She's bringing a stash of embroidery floss/ cotton but if it's not too late to ask if people can bring more if able that would be helpful. Also any colourful wool for making twisty twirlies would be good too.


6 Oct 

Hi folks

We'll be ready to meet n greet people at camp from 2pm Saturday. Please come say hi at the registrations setup so we can mark of who has shown up.

Here is the Spring Tribe schedule. Informal and open to change!


A version of this will be posted on a communal wall, for anyone to add activities or workshops at times that suit.

Thank-you to those who have already contributed! So far we have:
Origami, Wrestling, Yoga, Needle felting, Portrait drawing, Crochet, Macrame!

The sharing circle is an opportunity to come together, share and listen about our unschooling lives. We may find common issues or interesting ideas that can be taken further in discussion groups.

See you soon
your camp co-creators


October 3rd. 

Hi folks

5 more sleeps till camp! woohoo! I'm sitting in the lovely sunshine in Hawke's Bay right now and hoping we see more of it for camp, so we can meet new friends, catch up with old ones and generally soak up all the support and community that these camps have come to offer.
So, you'll need to know where you're going. Here's a link to a map that might help: https://goo.gl/maps/7YGP4AhkQeq It's called the Waitawheta Camp and it's on Waitawheta Road near Waihi.
Conditions at camp
It's been raining there loads recently so the grass is quite soft. We have been asked to keep all vehicles off the grass. Those of you bringing buses or campers etc. will need to park in the parking area, or on the courts etc. Those of you camping will need to carry your tent and gears, as you can't drive your car to your chosen parking spot. We will try to organise some designated parks close to the camping area just for unloading but no guarantees. :)
Opening circle
As with all other camps, we will have an opening circle at precisely the right time to do that. This will give us a chance to introduce ourselves and for the camp to feel 'started'.
Shared understandings
As with all these camps, there is no 'boss of camp' (well, the venue may have one, but the organisers don't) and we don't decide what will and won't happen at camp. The beauty of these gatherings is that they're co-created. The common theme running through all of them is respect. We've outlined this understand that we all come together under here.
A few extras for you to add to your list
- torches (and batteries if needed)
- food for self-catering and shared meals - menu here
- any stuff to sell at the market
- money to participate in activities or buy stuff at market
- any resources that might be needed to offer an activity - let us know if you'd like to offer one by replying to this email
- your bedding
- insect repellant
- dress ups, and maybe some for sharing
- ideas for discussions
- cutlery and crockery if you can - we have over 150 people coming and the camp has enough for just 110 people.
Looking forward to all that the camp has to offer. See you in under a week :)
Yours in natural learning, 
camp co-creators