2018 Food 

ALERT:  Please be aware one of fellow littler campers is allergic to peanuts (anaphylaxis).  She reacts with just coming into contact, like traces on other children's hands.  An epi-pen is on hand with her Mum.  To support their need for safety at camp we are asking if peeps could be super "peanut aware" - and leave the peanut foods at home, includes oils, muesli bars/cereals with peanuts, peanut butter.  (other nuts are fine) THANKS!



This is self catered other than Sunday morning where some camp peeps may (to be confirmed) be offering pancakes for purchase.


This is self catered.  There is opportunity to sell lunches to others i.e homemeade pizzas.  If you would like to do this please advise the coordiators so it can be advertised for you.


Evening Meals:

These are communal meals.  However you are equally able to self cater if you prefer.  

For commmunal eating please add your contribution of food to the dinner food baskets in the kitchen when you arrive.  This helps those that are making the dinners, know what they have to work with.  Thanks!

Weds Night

(mostly organising crew & those that want to)

Self cater


Thurs Night

Menu: Tortillas

Rice, tortillas (incl GF), taco chips,

Cheese, sour cream, avocado, lemon, tomato, lettuce, carrot, avo, onion, tinned tomato, chili sauces, spices, coriander,


What to Bring: 

Bring just the ingredients that you want to eat and bring the quantity that your family would eat.  Add it to the communal contributions.


Friday Night

Menu: Salads, Cold Meats, Breads, AND DESSERT

Rice, pasta salad, potato salad ingredients, any other salad ingredients of choice,

Bread of choice,  

Cold Meat i.e ham, salami, chicken etc.


Bring ingredients for the following:

Fruit Crumble: preserved or fresh fruit, oats, butter, spices, nuts

Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding: Flour, milk, eggs, butter, cocoa, 

Ice Cream or Cream or Sorbet: either shop bought or homemade

What to Bring: 

Bring just the ingredients that you want to eat and bring the quantity that your family would eat.  Add it to the communal contributions.


Saturday Night:

Leftovers + Roasties

Veges for roasties i.e spuds, pumpkin, parsnips, kumara etc

Seeds and feta

Leftover meats and salads.

What to Bring: 

Bring just the ingredients that you want to eat and bring the quantity that your family would eat.  Add it to the communal contributions.


Sunday Tea:  Food Cart

This year we are going to trial something new and have a few food carts on site.  Yet to be confirmed.



The fantastic AJ from Big Grey Bus may be going to be (to be confirmed) selling full quality espresso style coffee for those that need all things caffinated.  Please come prepared with cash.



These will be for sale throughout the camp.  Please bring cash to pay for them.



It is the intention of this retreat to include all families in our co-created space.  If your family has allergies to deal with then we encourage you to communicate your specific needs and suggest solutions so that we can all create the supported environment you need in order to feel safe.  

Please take the inititive to create signs to pin up/label food etc, and communicate these specific needs at the welcome circle etc.  Please let the co-ordinators know if you need extra support to share your needs at the circle.

The camps 'Leaders bunkroom kitchenette' can be used for separate cooking facility for those with allergies. A small fridge may be able to be supplied and a small cooker.  For those that are needing the dairy/gluten free space we ask you to please co-ordinate between yourselves for the use of this room.


  • To support our intention of community building we will share food together.
  • Bring your own breakfast and lunch. Some may choose to share their lunch with other families and others have their food at different times or separately. Finding solutions that work for your family is encouraged and celebrated.
  • Dinners Thursday, Friday, Saturday night will be shared (again, if you prefer to have yours at a different time or separately - no problem).
  • In thoughtfulness to those who have allergies or/and are vegetarian/vegan, please try to label your meal on serving.
  • We will aim to have food on the table by 5:30ish to meet the needs of our little people.
  • We will have people serving meals to assist 'flow' and sharing.
  • We will have a roster system for meal prep and dishes to minimise kitchen chaos! - please add your name to the roster at camp where you feel comfortable..
  • On arrival at camp can you please put your food contributions in the allocated 'baskets' so that the rostered 'meal preparers' are able to find it easily.
  • The meal menu has been planned to provide as much vairety and choice as possible for all dietry requirements


The hall area is the main meeting place and dining room, approximately 15m by 10m. There is a stage at one end. Tables are attached to the walls and hinge down. Form type seating is used for meal times and wooden seats with backs can be used for meetings.  Often meals are eaten outdoors depending on the weather.

The Kitchen is well appointed with ample bench space, and the commonly used utensils, trays, pots and pans. For cooking the kitchen has a commercial oven, commercial electric stove and conveyor type toaster. These are supplemented by a conventional and thermowave domestic type ovens. A large walk in pantry/store room with shelving for storage.

Freezers: One chest and one upright type;

Fridge: two upright;

Fridge/freezers: Two.

An additional fridge trailer will be onsite.

Cutlery and crockery is provided for groups up to 50.   But please bring your own also.

An automatic washing machine is provided for washing tea towels.

Attached to the kitchen are washing up troughs for cleaning personal dishes.