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Summer Unschooling Retreat, Feb 6th - Feb 10th, 2020, Foxton Beach 

Registrations are not yet open.


Please be sure to open and read these Shared Agreements for Camp also - as by registering you are agreeing to adhere to these agreements.


Any questions regarding this retreat please email

Costs include:

Under 3yrs - Free

All ages 3yr+ = 10 each person per night

+ one off fee of $10 per family admin fee

(covers cost of marquee, cleaning products etc)


Day Visitors

$5 per family per day


Please pay into account:

15-3944-0300178-00 (Mosaic Learning Collective) :

Please use your full name as reference

Payment is appreciated at time of registration to avoid hassles of chasing up :-)  However, given the time of year we understand if you need to spread payment out until pre-camp, please just be sure to have payment completed prior to start of camp (31st Jan).  YES you can bring cash to camp but preference is for direct deposit.  THANK YOU! 


Pay it Forward Fund

A fund has been made available for families to assist with the attendence of unschooling camps.  It comes from families adding a 'little extra' at time of registration.  Any left over funds are sent forward to the next unschool camp (throughout the North Island). 

Usually part payments can be made to assist families for whom paying the full fee is a stretch too far this time.  There is no guarantee of this being available because it is reliant on people's giving, but, it always works out due to the awesome spirit of generosity of those attending.  If you would like to contribute to the Pay it Forward Fund please add this to the appropriate box on the registration form.  

THANK YOU if you have contributed over the years, it means a lot for families to be able to attend to fill their 'cups' when things are tough going. 

If this is something that you would like to discreetly access please fill in the appropriate boxes on the registration form (your requests will be kept confidental).