Unschooling Retreat, Feb 2020, Foxton Beach

Where: Foxton Beach Boys Brigade
When:  Thurs 6th to Mon 10 Feb 2020
Who: All families who currently practise the philosophy of unschooling/life learning/natural learning/child led learning
Why: The retreat will be an opportunity for everyone involved in unschooling to relax, share their journey, find inspiration, learn new skills, connect with others and enjoy living in an unschooling community. This is a family centred retreat - anyone you consider part of your whānau and is fully supportive of unschooling is welcome.

It is a retreat away from answering questions and defending choices.  A chance to fully relax in a safe, supportive environment.  We like to uphold this for all attending  For this reason, we ask that if you are interested in unschooling but not currently participating in this choice of lifestyle, that instead of signing on for this camp, you connect with a local unschool group.

Per person, per night fee


Under 3yrs free:

All ages 3yr+ = $10.00 each per night
+ one off fee of $10 per family for resources such as marquee hire and cleaning products etc.

Meal costs
$4 per evening meal (people 3yr+)

Day fees:
$5 per family per day

Pay into:  Bank account Hearthland Home Educators 38-9010-0248000-01

Use your name as reference.