What to Bring

We are looking for donations of Towels, Old Sheets, and Pegs.  We will be cutting up the towels and sheets to use for hand drying in the bathrooms and need the pegs for washing/line drying them.  Please bring along any donations you have on offer.  THANK YOU!

In the spirit of sustainability we would really like to keep rubbish to a minimum.  So please manage your own rubbish as much as you can.  We will have bins available for recycling, and food scraps.  Please take all disposable nappies away with you.  Thank you!!

Tent if using one

All bedding and pillows


Tea towels





TOILET PAPER - 2-3 rolls per family please.

Items to sell at the market including cash to purchase.

Cash to pay:

- for any activities that have a cost included that you or your children participate in

  - for items you buy on offer at the retreat such as coffee, ice blocks, pancakes etc.


Items for activities that you wish to share with others

A performance to share at the concert if you want to.