Sharing in the Culture of the Staveley Camps


• Co-creation means that we organise and run the camps collectively. This encourages trust, openness, flexibility, ease and self-responsibility.
• We value the contribution (seen and unseen) of all who choose to come to share in the weekend.
• You are encouraged to contribute to the camp in a way that fits the needs of you and your family: some people need to contribute to belong, some people need to belong to contribute. This may mean offering to teach a skill you are passionate about, facilitating a discussion you want to have or just being present.

Shared Understandings:

• We will respect ourselves, each other and the environment.
• There are times during the weekend that we gather together to give out information relevant to the running of the camp.  Out of respect for each other, we will try to be there on time and be available to participate as needed.
• We regard the Opening and Closing Circles, (meeting together in a circle-ish formation, taking turns to talk), as important elements in the weekend. Being at the Opening circle allows us to participate fully in the weekend right from the start and allows new people to be properly introduced. The Closing circle provides us with a chance to reflect on the weekend together before we head off separately into our individual lives; it leaves the weekend with a feeling of completeness.  We will do our best to get to these.
• In respect to the limitations that come with having dietary restrictions, we will endeavor to label shared food and people with dietary restrictions will be invited to serve themselves first.
• We appreciate Staveley Campsite keeping the charge of the venue to a minimum. We trust that people will take responsibility for their share of paying for the weekend.
• We will support our children to play safely, both physically and emotionally, together.  This might include, regularly checking in with with them, being present and observing in the Blue Room from time to time, facilitating a Circle to discuss any issues, speaking with a child's parent if we are uncomfortable with a child's behaviour.
• We will endeavour to support each other as much as possible.  If a child is experiencing any particular challenges or has any special needs and support from the camp community would be helpful we welcome the seeking of support at the Opening Circle or any time during a camp.