The camp site is self catering. There are kitchen facilities available with all standard cooking utensils etc.  You are welcome to bring plates, cups and cutlery for your family or use the ones in the kitchen.

Bring your own breakfast and lunch as these meals will be self catered.

Evening meals
To support the 'community building' intention of this gathering (and to diminish chaos in the kitchen!) the four evening meals will be shared pot luck.  Please bring a main to share for each of the evening meals (or ingredients to prepare your family's contribution at the camp).  This will allow for any special food requirements to still be met by individuals (e.g. gluten/dairy free, vegetarian etc).  It is helpful if food is labeled as containing or being free of gluten, dairy, eggs or meat. Please just bring the amount of food that would fill your family's tummies.  If everyone brings this quantity of food to share then there should be plenty of food for all. 

The intention is that this meal will be served around 5:30pm to accomodate the little people attending.  Each family is invited to prepare their contribution to the evening meal with this serving time in mind.  

If your family has particular dietary needs and is unable to partake in the shared meal aspect of dinner you are welcome to join in the mealtimes with us all with your own food.

Saturday evening dessert
You are invited to bring along one of the following

  • Ice Cream
  • Fruit 
  • Cake

to share for dessert after the Saturday evening meal, which will be the final evening meal of the camp.

Fridges/freezers:  There are fridges and freezes at the venue. 

Supper, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday night:
Where you can you are encouraged to bring something to be put out to share with hot drinks on each of the evenings e.g. fruit, slice, cake, biscuits etc.