Activities at the Weekend

There are a number of activities that can occur over the weekend at any time. Some of these include;

a river for swimming,
a confidence course,
a children's playground,
a flying fox,
bush walks,
lounging around,
talking and connecting with others, asking questions, discussing issues etc

We wish the time to be a good mix of unstructured time and some more structured activities within a flexible timetable with voluntary participation to allow people the opportunity to learn new skills and share their skills.  We will keep you updated with information on the activities as they develop.  We would love to have your contribution to this so please do share yours and your children's ideas and skills with us.

Kids Market
We are hoping to hold a 'kids market' that will be a place where our children can have a 'table/rug each' to exhibit/buy/sell/swap goods of any type that they have made. 

It is to be low key, low cost (think under $10 per item) and homemade.  So please bring your cash with you and let your kids know that it is happening so they can prepare to take part in this fun activity if they wish to.  Possible ideas include: homemade food, jewellery, art, games, magic show, musical performance, etc.

Don't forget to bring change for your stall and cash to buy.

We will email an outline of activities to attendees a week or so before the camp.  It will be a general guide of what could happen over the weekend.  There can be new things added and if a particular activity doesn't have enough interest it will not be held.  Come along and join in where it suits you and your family.